Always mindful of international influences, these designers have consistently had the foresight to initiate new trends, while still respecting their ever-evolving style. Consequently, we have proven that this authentic Northern aesthetic balances a progressive style quotient with a commercial quality, easily translated to the North American Market.

Comprised of young, seasoned professionals who continually travel the globe, Menard Agency’s mission is to continually be at the forefront of style (even before fashion). We exist to challenge buyers to realize new opportunities and ultimately entice the end consumer with fresh and new ideas season after season.

Our objective at Menard Agency is to provide the highest level of quality, service, and integrity to our retailers. Constant attention to the development of the international appeal of the brands that we house has enabled our premier fashion agency, to deal with only the most credible and progressive retailers

We aim to offer our retailers those time-enduring collections that are never out of fashion.

Our Brands


  1. Know Show
    July 9-10
  2. Liberty New York
    July 12-13-14
  3. Metro 1
    August 6 to 10
  4. Project Las Vegas
  5. Liberty Fair/Agenda/Capsule Las Vegas
    August 14-15-16
  6. Magic
    August 6 to 10
  7. Midwest
    August 23 to 26
  8. Trends Edmonton
    September 5 to 8
  9. Metro 2 Vancouver
    September 12 to 17


  • Menard Agency
    FX Building
    1951 Glen Drive # 139
    Vancouver BC V6A4J6
    604-688-3765 ​​​​​​